CRKT’s tiniest Multitool could one day save your life

Roughly the size of a key and small enough to easily become a permanent fixture on your keychain, the CRKT K.E.R.T. is a small but serious multitool that could easily get you out of a sticky situation. The K.E.R.T. (which stands for Keyring. Emergency. Rescue. Tool.) is a tiny all-metal EDC that packs a seatbelt cutter into its multipurpose design (among other tools of course). If you’re ever in an emergency, the tool could be used to cut yourself free so you can make a quick exit, or potentially help someone else who’s had an accident. Sort of like owning a fire extinguisher, the K.E.R.T. is a tool you probably won’t use often, but you’ll thank the heavens for the day you find yourself needing it. Oh, and when you aren’t slicing through seatbelts, the K.E.R.T. also doubles as a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a 1/4″ hex wrench.

Designer: Ray Kirk for CRKT

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Measuring a mere 2.48 inches long, the K.E.R.T. might be one of the most compact emergency tools we’ve seen. The EDC comes made from tough 8Cr13MoV steel with a neat brushed finish, weighing a paltry 0.8 ounces (22.6 grams). The design is a clear example of form following function. It packs the seatbelt cutter, flathead screwdriver, and hex-wrench in the smallest form factor possible that’s still easy to grip and maneuver. The design is ambidextrous too, which means you can use it with any hand.

The seatbelt cutter is sharp but cleverly designed so that it can’t accidentally hurt anyone. The edge sits within a groove that’s perfect for looping around the seatbelt, and the sharp steel helps the EDC slice comfortably through the tough fabric. You can use the K.E.R.T. to also cut other materials like cloth, wrapping paper, or tape, making it handy outside its obvious emergency use. The blade’s safety design makes the K.E.R.T. TSA-friendly, so you can easily travel on flights with it (after all, planes have seatbelts too). As a cautionary measure, though, each K.E.R.T. also comes with a protective vinyl cover that sits right over the flathead screwdriver just in case there’s a danger of it poking you through your pants or scratching your phone/wallet.

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