iPhone Laptop? Wait WHAAAT???

OLO Computer updated their site with a mysterious laptop with what looks like an iPhone as the trackpad and OS X on the screen. Now I’m only thinking out loud but the iPhone, tho powerful, isn’t powerful enough to run a full blown version of OS X. Does OLO know something we don’t know or are they just reaching for pie in the sky? Care to ruminate?

Designer: OLO


  • powers says:

    Oh, this is only the tip of the iceburg. The rumors are flying around in some kind of virtual electronic soup battle at places like macrumors, 9to5mac an macenstein. It’s crazyness.

  • Deeda says:

    Looks totally fake

  • tom says:

    maybye there just using the i-phone as the mousepad? just a nice way to charge/dock your laptop and i-pod/phone?

    • KwangErn says:

      If that’s true, it’d be nice. And if there’s a phone call coming in, you speak through the laptop. In fact, whatever the phone can do, the laptop can do too when iphone is placed inside as a mousepad.

  • Dennis says:

    Cool idea! And the iPhone doesn’t have to run it all, the machine could have all kinds of hardware to run graphics etc.

  • helloplog says:

    i’ve heard that rumors.

    so Im looking foward to seeing real MAC 🙂


    ahhhh maybe tomorrow ?

  • z_no says:

    Wow, look at the thing I mocked up and posted here less than a year ago:


    All I wanted was a screen for watching videos, full sized keyboard, and backup battery. I’d be happy if someone had taken my concept into production, but this is just some guy making a rendering and passing it off as “coming soon”.

  • AAF says:

    They should put this into production

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