Single Serve Coffee Grinder deposits the perfect grind directly into your portafilter

Slick, svelte, and almost looking like Michael Jackson leaning forward in his iconic stance, the AF007 (no relation to James Bond) is a tabletop conical burr grinder that does one job well – grind exactly the right amount of coffee for a single serve. For people who love the idea of a Keurig or Nespresso, but hate resorting to preground commercial beans, the AF007 gives you exactly a single or double-shot worth of coffee, dispensed directly in your portafilter, or a coarser ground dispensed right into your French press or pour-over.

Designers: Nicola Zanetti and Federico Gonzales Bosque

The AF007’s design is so ruthlessly minimalist you could put it somewhere in an Apple Store and nobody would bat an eyelid. It sports an incredibly clean design that’s focused on utilitarianism and is devoid of any details that would clutter the aesthetic. That being said, the AF007 still has a personality, with its geometric surfaces, wonderful matte metal finish, and that leaning-forward stance that gives it a sense of dynamism even though it’s a static device that sits on your kitchen countertop.

Using the AF007 is simple. Load the beans in the vessel through the opening at the top. The top also doubles as a rotary knob that lets you choose the grind size, going coarse for pour-over brewing, or finer for use in a Moka Pot or an espresso machine. An LED panel on the side lets you choose between a single or double-shot (smaller or larger depending on how much coffee you consume), and a holder and tray right in front of the nozzle lets you attach a portafilter or a collecting vessel for the grounds to get deposited into. It’s all deviously simple, both visually and functionally, which is what makes the AF007 such a neat little device for coffee aficionados. In fact, the grinder even won the A’ Design Award last year for its simple yet sophisticated approach to the coffee-making process!