This Origami Kitchen Tray is the Perfect Example of How Great Design Lies in Simple Details

Most household items we own today are made one of two or three ways. If they’re made from plastic, chances are they’re injection molded… and if they’re metal, they’re either cast or they’re rolled/stamped into a distinct form. These methods end up defining what a product will look like. An injection-molded plastic part will never look as intricate as a 3D-printed mesh part… and a stamped metal utensil will never have the elegance of something like the Snapsys tray set. Designed using a series of strategic Origami-style bends, the Snapsys set of trays and table platforms are deceptively simple to look at, but are engineered and manufactured to perfection. Each item is made from a single 0.8mm sheet of metal that’s been creased, bent, and then anodized. The result is a set of kitchenware that’s incredibly slim, yet just as strong, thanks to the nature of the folds that help provide rigidity.

Designers: Sang Hyuk Han & Eunju Jang

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The Snapsys set of trays and table are ‘Origami-style folding plate’ that have a thickness of 0.8mm (about as much as a credit card).

The Snapsys set comes in three tray styles that double as decorative tabletop platforms for displaying your food. Most trays look terribly run-of-the-mill, but given the Snapsys set’s unique manufacturing technique, this tray collection has no such problem. The trays look defyingly thin, to the point of feeling fragile. They do measure just 0.8mm (about as much as a credit card), but are surprisingly strong thanks to the folding structures that give them the ability to carry well beyond their weight without bending or flexing.

Use as a service tray.

A decorative incense stick tray!

Candle Holder!

The secret lies in the origami-style folds that help strengthen the trays while giving them their rather memorable designs. The fold lines aren’t regular, but instead follow a curve, allowing the metal sheet to bend in a curved way too. This helps strengthen the metal, making it rigid instead of flimsy. You can try the same technique with paper, observing how curved folds help give paper additional stiffness too.

Some trays look conventional, with handles on either side. Others come with legs, elevating your food by an inch or two to help your dishes stand out against a laid-out table. All trays come with anodized color options, allowing you to add a splash of vibrance to your tabletop decor as well as allowing the trays themselves to serve as accent pieces. The anodized finish also makes them durable and corrosion-resistant, increasing their overall lifespan. The tray sets, which come in black, yellow, blue, or a nude silver, start at a discounted $149, which includes three trays – 1 rectangular tray, 1 oval tray, and 1 half-plate tray.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $160 ($11 off). Hurry, offer ends soon!