CRKT’s sub $50 pocket knife is an incredibly slim and sharp EDC

With an aesthetic reminiscent of Arya Stark’s sword, the needle, in Game Of Thrones, the CRKT Flat Out is best described as ‘functional art’. It’s small, and deceptively thin, yet packs an absolute punch with how sharp and spry it is. In short, it’s the kind of knife you underestimate the first time, and trust blindly every time after that.

Designer: Matthew Lerch for CRKT

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Designed by veteran blade artisan Matthew Lerch, the Flat Out has a silhouette that feels instantly iconic. While most knives are made to be fairly broad (because nobody wants a flimsy blade), the Flat Out is exceptionally thin. Sure, vertically, the knife has a 4.42-inch handle with a sizeable 3.57-inch blade… but horizontally, it’s just about as thin as your finger, which makes it feel slim, and weigh less than most, at about 3.6 ounces or 102 grams.

The slimness, however, is just the first thing you notice with the Flat Out. It still sports a wonderfully ergonomic stainless steel handle, letting you firmly and reliably hold the knife during use, and an 8Cr13MoV steel drop-point blade that feels almost like a needle-point with how slim it is. The blade’s 3.57-inch edge  puts it well in the ‘mid-size’ knife category, while still looking and feeling small… and is sharp enough to get any job done, whether it’s cutting, slicing, shearing, or carving. That pointed tip makes it absolutely lethal for piercing too, turning the EDC into a worthy opponent against everything from delivery boxes and envelopes to even wood and leather.

Trained initially as a jewelry designer, Matthew Lerch found himself with a penchant for knife design rather soon in life. Working extensively with CRKT, the Wisconsin-based designer has been honored with some prestigious awards for some of his EDC designs. Slim yet hard-working, understated yet powerful, Lerch’s Flat Out knife for CRKT is a beautifully badass paradox.

The Flat Out is slim yet grippy, giving you a long handle to hold comfortably onto. The assisted flip knife sports a frame lock that holds the blade in place, and some rather beautiful-looking jimping (serrated texture) on top of the blade to comfortably rest your thumb while using the knife for a perfectly dependable grip while cutting and maneuvering. Fold the knife shut and it easily slides into your pocket, with a clip that securely holds the EDC in place for you to easily retrieve whenever you need… whether it’s for cutting open boxes, slicing branches in the outdoors, defending yourself, or just admiring from time to time.

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