This Website Will Tell You If Your Million-Dollar Idea Or Design Is Ready For Launch

Think of as a ‘Shark Tank’ for ideas… but without hungry investors asking difficult questions. The world’s first ‘Market Validation’ platform was designed to help creators better understand what their designs needed to become million-dollar success stories – but now the website is launching an ‘Idea Validation’ feature that lets you understand if your idea has any potential. Thanks to a community panel of more than 200 million people, Prelaunch tests your concept in the marketplace of ideas to see whether it’s ready for the world, helping you fine-tune your design in its nascent stages, so you don’t end up spending all your money on R&D only to realize your product had a flaw, or was targeted at the wrong audience, or worse, was too ahead of its time.

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Did you know Apple launched a game console in 1996 called the Pippin? Or that they also launched a touchscreen tablet with a stylus in 1992 called the Newton? How about the fact that Nintendo had its own VR headset back in 1995 called the Virtual Boy? Surely you knew about TwitterPeek, the microblogging platform’s first (and only) hardware device designed for only tweeting, which was launched back in 2008? Chances are you haven’t heard of these products for a good reason – they went as fast as they came, as the companies worked extremely hard to bury these massive failures. Some of these products weren’t well thought-out, others were just a little too early for their time. Most large companies can survive such setbacks… but smaller ones (like the startup Juicero that charged $400 for a device that simply squeezed bags of juice) usually collapse when their products fail. Prelaunch helps mitigate that possibility by allowing you to vet your ideas before you end up walking into a Shark Tank where you get shredded for your product, valuation, or sales. The Prelaunch website helps you get consumer feedback before you even get consumers, so you know whether an idea is worth spending hundreds of thousands (or potentially millions) of dollars into.

The “Idea Validation” feature steps away from the traditional, often tedious process of market research and surveys. Instead, it offers a streamlined, three-step approach for creators to bring their idea to life: describe your product, highlight its killer features, and then flesh out the specifications. The platform then harnesses the power of AI to generate a product landing page, complete with images and descriptions, in mere seconds. Prelaunch has integrated multiple survey panel providers, unified and standardized their processes, and as a result, now has access to 200 million people who are ready to give feedback.

Prelaunch’s entire process takes mere minutes, as opposed to the months (or even years) and financial capital it takes to develop a proof of concept.

Why is this revolutionary? Well, analysis from suggests that projects with prototypes stand a significantly better chance of validation and success. This new feature doesn’t just level the playing field; it virtually eliminates it, allowing creators with nothing more than a concept to compete with those who have tangible prototypes. The platform leverages the power of AI to help flesh out the idea, so it can be rapidly tested with a target audience to check for viability.

The platform offers the following metrics to creators:

  • Interest rate: Percent of visitors who liked the idea. It measures how many users clicked the ‘Like’ button or reacted positively to the webpage’s content. A higher rate implies greater audience engagement and appreciation for the content.
  • Survey completion rate: Percent of people who completed the survey out of all people who started the survey.
  • Saves rate: Percent of visitors who provided their email. It measures the number of users who chose to save the webpage for future reference, indicating an intent to revisit the content. A higher rate signifies greater user commitment and interest in the content compared to simply liking it.
  • Rating: Rating of the product from the “Rate this product” survey question.
  • Price: Average, Minimum, and Maximum results from survey questions like – “How much would you like to pay?”
  • Concept Idea Score: Calculated based on a formula that contains several components of interest rate, saves rate, etc.
  • Demographics: Data based on country, age, and gender.

For a limited time, is offering this feature for free—a gesture that speaks volumes about their commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation. Prelaunch CEO Narek Vardanyan’s vision is clear: to empower creators to bring their ideas to life by providing valuable feedback as early as possible.

On a lighter note, imagine if famous inventors and creators had access to something like the “Idea Validation” feature. Would Edison have had an easier time convincing people about the light bulb? Would Da Vinci have gotten immediate feedback on his flying machine designs? While we can’t rewrite history, is ensuring that the future of innovation is brighter, bolder, and validated by the very people it seeks to inspire. Welcome to the future of creation, where your next big idea doesn’t just have to be a dream.

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