Peugeot uses innovative 3D-printing technology to produce flexible storage inserts

Peugeot has developed storage inserts for their new 308 models that are 3D-printed from a flexible filament using innovative 3D-printing technology.

French automobile brand Peugeot is known for its catalog of unique, well-made cars. The new 308 model from Peugeot is an update on the brand’s 3008 SUV, the team of designers gave the new generation a smaller and sportier look.

Designer: Peugeot

The automobile brand is known for practicality and function, so it’s no surprise that the new 308 model delivers on storage compartments and integrated assistive features. Upping the ante, Peugeot’s Design, Product and Research & Development teams designed and constructed 3D-printed car accessories specifically for the new 308 models.

Starting with a new flexible polymer, Peugeot uses innovative 3D-printing technology to create sunglasses holders, cup holders, and phone/cardholders to fit into the 308’s center console. In collaboration with HP Inc., Mäder, and ERPRO, the Peugeot team used the new HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology to format and produce their line of accessories.

Before designing the new line of accessories, the team set out to “make accessories more visible and attractive by innovating and using modern materials,” according to a press release written by Stellantis, Peugeot’s mother company. To achieve this, the 3D-printed accessories are constructed from Ultrasint TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a type of filament with elastic properties like rubber, yet durable like plastic.

In the same press release, Stellantis notes, “The flexible material used is Ultrasint thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the fruit of a partnership between HP Inc. and BASF. This material offers durable, strong, and flexible parts. It is a perfect material for impact-absorbing parts that require high elasticity and for flexible mesh-like structures. The material can be used to produce parts with high surface quality and a very high level of detail.”

The flexible filament gives the storage insert a durable, yet squishy feel. 

The custom-fitted storage inserts carry an array of different functions, from a phone holder to a sunglasses case.