Jacob’s Ladder Storage

You know those little ladders, the ones made of wood held together with strips of material in a way that if you hold one up, another one goes *cluck cluck cluck* all the way down to the bottom? Well here’s something sort of kind of like that, but this one’s a lot less cluck and a lot more flexible storage solution for the modern home. “Maroma” modular furniture as it’s called is made of plywood and cotton straps, made so that the user is free to configure it however’s most convenient (or fun) for them. Heck, it’d be impossible not to have fun with these. I dare you.

The inspiration for this project did indeed come from what designer Daniel Romero Valencia knows as “Magic Sticks” – the toy originating in Mexico rather than where I know it to have originated from, that being my aunt’s closet drawer. I trust Valencia’s knowledge more than my own in this case. The Maroma is currently manufactured by PIRWI in certified plywood with a biodegradable finish and cotton straps dyed with vegetable colorants; over 90% of the material used to make it of natural origin.

Designer: Daniel Romero Valencia