Dog training clicker has built-in treat storage

Dog owners who are self training their pets know that clicker training is probably one of the standard practices. It is also known as marker training as you use a clicker to let the dog know that it has fulfilled a task. As you continually use the clicker, it conditions the dog to want to perform what you want it to do based on the theory of operant conditioning. There are a lot of different clickers available for this specific training but of course there’s always room for newer and more innovative versions.

Designer: Zerong Yang

Depending on your dog training regimen, the use of clickers sometimes forego treats as rewards as the click themselves are the rewards for your dog. But there are also those that still use snacks to give to them once they are able to fulfill the task and to associate it with the clicker. The Clink Clicker combines the clicking and the treats in one convenient device so you just have to hold one thing when doing the training.

It looks like a typical clicker but it has a sliding mechanism where you can store the treats you want to use as rewards. So after the dog has finished the task you’re training them to do, you click the clicker and then the dog will probably come to you and you can feed them the treat immediately. The space for the snacks is a desiccant compartment so it will remain fresh even if you’re outside for your training and it may be a bit hot.

It’s a simple solution to a treat management problem that some dog owners may experience. Having the clicker and the treat storage in just one device makes it more convenient and may shave off a few seconds during your training, leaving more time for learning and fun (well for your dogs, at least).