Bring your pet while riding your bike with trailer and backpack in one

For fur parents that have bikes and need to bring their babies with them outside, having somewhere to place their pet safely and conveniently can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, a lot of pet-related brands have been coming up with different products to make life easier for both the owner and the pet. And we’ll probably be seeing even more innovations as they have realized there is a huge market out there for pet owners willing to spend money on their precious babies.

Designer: Waggin

Waggin is a new pet product company that wants to create products that are “sleek and innovative” and for their hero product they came up with Waggin G1, a pet bike trailer and backpack in one. Initially, the trailer is attached to the backpack so it’s easy to assemble and disassemble and carry it around. At the same time, there is storage space in the backpack so you can put stuff in either for your pet or for yourself. It can fit in snacks and toys for your pet and even a laptop and maybe some books and notebooks that you will need for your outing.

The trailer is easy (and safe) to attach to your bike so both of you can travel in comfort and in style. It uses lightweight materials including a rip proof mesh, performance nylon, and a security D-Ring to securely attach it to your bike. It has two entrances, a sunroof, a padded bed, and a safety clip so your pet will feel right at home even as you’re traveling. It is only able to accommodate small to medium sized pets so you may have to look for alternatives if you have a large fur baby.

The backpack also has padded straps and a backpack pad so you will feel comfortable carrying it around while you’re biking, with the pet trailer trailing at the back. It’s a pretty innovative product that makes it convenient to have daily outings with your dog or cat when you’re feeling bored working from home and your babies need some outdoor activity.