Dog Hut Desk puts a dog bed within the ‘d’ of your work desk

Modern homes are fancy and well-decorated! We take all the care to ensure our homes are furnished to the T, and this involves furniture we choose for our pets. However, not all apartments have space to accommodate additional furniture for our pooches, or for that matter, some parents – me included – want their pal to be just by their side at all times.

This demand owing to space constraints and over affection has given birth to pet furniture that is usable by both people and their pets simultaneously. It makes living with pets enjoyable and engaging and sparks an emotional connection between the two. A case in point is the Dog Hut Desk, which puts a dog bed within the ‘d’ of your work desk.

Designer: Liam de la Bedoyere

Designed as a new nap spot for a dog, the wooden desk has a metal U leg on one side and the small letter D-style bed for the dog as the support leg on the opposite side. With the dog by your side – napping in comfort – as you work, you can give yourself the peace of mind and the furry friend the ultimate comfort of a cozy space tailored for their slumber.

The interesting design allows provision for a cushiony mattress to fit within that the dog will love and would create a comfy space for it to sleep and relax. Presented as a desk that is perfect for you and your dog companion, it is the designer’s second iteration of the pet and human-friendly furniture after the cat-compatible desk.

The Dog Hut Desk with space for man’s best friend when working from home is a good idea if you have an obedient pet, but if your little pal is rowdy or a distraction from your focus, having it right under your eye may not be the best for your work routine. So, choosing this desk will come with its own user pros and cons. Think hard!