The SHAPL Design Contest Will Turn your Renders into Reality

SHAPL is providing industrial designers with the opportunity of a lifetime. The SHAPL Design Contest wants to take your concept designs and bring them into the real world, as real products that people can buy, own, and use!

The SHAPL Design Competition stems from a very different place when pitted against other design competitions. While most design competitions want to reward good design skills, SHAPL wants to bring them to life. The SHAPL Design Contest exists solely to give designers and their concept designs the boost they need to turn renders into reality. The process is simple. Upload your design, and it gets judged not just by a jury, but also by consumers who would love to own the product. Consumers vote for products they like, bringing the human-centric element into the competition, allowing the market to choose the most market-ready, market-worthy product… while the jury panel also help vet designs based on practicality, aesthetics, and overall appeal. Winners not only see their products turn into reality, but also get patents to their designs, and hefty cash prizes of up to $20,000. (With total cash prizes amounting to $100,000!)

Back after a successful first edition of the SHAPL Design Contest, entries for the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest are now open (and free) to everyone worldwide, whether you’re an enthusiast, student, professional, or studio. The contest is a great tool to freely gauge market interest in your concepts, and a wonderful way to launch your student projects, passion projects, or portfolio side-projects into the limelight. The design contest is open to any category of industrial/product design as long as your design can fit into a 900 cubic millimeter box (assembled or disassembled)… If you’ve been published on Yanko Design, take it from us, your designs stand an even stronger chance of being one of the 13 winners of the SHAPL Design Contest! Go ahead and participate (did we mention, it’s free)! Entries are open till the 20th of December 2018. Go give your renders the limelight and opportunity they deserve! Scroll down to check out some of the past winners!

Click Here to Upload Your Design to the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest! Hurry, submissions are open till the 20th of December 2018!



Below: 2017-18 Winners


01. Docking Dryer by Ko

Hair-dryers are usually massive ‘L’ shaped objects with bulky, wired designs that don’t embody sleekness from any angle. The Docking Dryer, however, does. With a swiveling handle, the dryer goes from being an L shaped mass to an I shaped mass that then docks into its wireless charging dock, turning into a slick, slim cylinder, making your bathroom counter or makeup table look less cluttered and more streamlined and beautiful!


02. Terra by Patrick Krassnitzer, Ferdinand Aichriedler & Manuel Hess

The Terra forms an essential part of your house, much like the fire alarm. Designed to alert homeowners in the event of an earthquake (made for disaster-prone areas around the Pacific Ocean), the Terra uses audio and light to raise an alarm when it gets wind of an earthquake in the area or in neighboring areas. Rather than rely on the internet (which may get disrupted or overloaded), the Terra receives communication via radio waves, making it much more effective in alerting people when it gets news of an approaching tremor.


03. Redline by Conreur

The Redline is part pollution mask, part emergency alert beacon. It straps to your face, filtering pollutants in the air so you have clean air to breathe as you make your exit or wait for rescue. It also comes with a red tab that activates the beacon when pulled. An LED ring around the mask lights up, blinking periodically to catch the eye of rescuers, while the beacon also beams out its GPS location to help people track you better. Quite a marvelous product to be brought to reality!

임테기 파이널

04. The Present by Byeong Jae Ha, JaeHeum Lee, Chieun Jang, Jisu Kim

The term ‘testing positive’ can be pretty ambiguous as to most people, it isn’t a clear term. Besides, the same term could be used for something as life-threatening as a disease, or as life-affirming as pregnancy. So The Present helps make things easier to understand. Essentially a pregnancy test with a tiny detail included to make things clearer, The Present comes with a display window that shows a plus sign for a positive pregnancy, but what’s really pleasing is the ribbon-esque design detail on top of the window that makes the plus sign and the display window look like a gift or a present, which truly is a heart-warming metaphor for a baby!


Click Here to Upload Your Design to the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest! Hurry, submissions are open till the 20th of December 2018!