Super Compact Tiny Home Brings Back The True Micro-Living Experience Back To Us

As you may have noticed nowadays tiny homes don’t really tend to be very tiny. They feature generous interiors packed in not-so-compact homes, that somehow manage to fall just a little short of full-sized houses. In a world where the tiny home movement is honestly losing the meaning of its name, Dragon Tiny Homes bring to us a home that is actually tiny, and is accompanied by a corresponding low cost. It is by no means a full-sized apartment, and thankfully isn’t priced like one either, allowing users to truly enjoy a ‘true tiny home’.

Designer: Dragon Tiny Homes

Named the 16’THOW With Loft, the tiny home quite honestly has its measurement stored in its name, however in meters, it is 4.8 meters long. It isn’t the smallest tiny home on wheels we’ve seen, but it is smaller than the typical US models which tend to measure 30 feet usually. Based on a double-axle trailer, the 16’THOW With lift is a towable dwelling amped with a steel frame, cement board siding, and a shiplap interior. It occupies 136 sq ft, and much of the floor space is occupied by the living area. The home isn’t large enough to accommodate a big family quite evidently, but it can house a couple or a single person for a weekend or so.

The interior of the tiny home is light-filled and free-flowing. It includes a combined living and kitchen area, with some comfy seating, cabinetry, quartz countertops, a two-burner induction cooktop, and a stainless steel sink. A sliding door leads you to the bathroom, which houses a shower and a flushing toilet.

The 16’THOW With Loft includes only one bedroom, and it can be accessed via a ladder. The bedroom is a typical loft-based tiny home space, accompanied by a low ceiling and a double bed. The rooms are cozy and well-equipped, although they aren’t luxurious in the least. But they’re great for a cozy getaway with your partner, or if you’re in the mood for some alone time away from the hustle and bustle of your life. The tiny home starts at a price of US$44,950.