Alpine Chic Shelter

Let’s say you’re lost in the wilderness, exhausted from a mountain excursion, about to freeze your a$$ off in the snow. What would be better than happening upon a warm, cozy shelter to protect you from the elements? How about one that’s architecturally AWESOME. That’s precisely what the Huba shelter is-  a life-saving sanctuary designed with an entirely new style we’re dubbing “alpine chic.” Check out the interior!

The concept, designed as an independent eco-friendly energy system, aims to improve the development of mountain tourism regions, upsizing their infrastructure while promoting the use of renewable energy. It benefits from natural water and wind resources in the mountain climate, harnessing the energy to power a heater, lighting and pump for showering with collected rain water.  The modular design is compact and light enough to be air lifted to remote regions and is composed entirely of recycled plastics and fragments of wind-fallen trees.
Inside are two hanging beds (hidden in the walls) and a washbasin. The dynamic character of the interior is created by many intersecting planes and no right angles. Small windows running throughout the entire building break up the walls with narrow streams of light. Frosted glass provides privacy inside and allows users to feel comfortable. LED lights at the ceiling provide illumination after sundown.
Better yet, the entire system is mapped in an online app for easy access. Users can even book online for an overnight stay!

Designers: Michal Holcer & Malgorzata Blachnicka