Bubble-inspired pendant lamp can hang horizontally or vertically as desired

Lamps these days come in all shapes and sizes, especially ones that are designed to elicit certain positive responses through their aesthetic. That said, most of these lamps are also designed to be used in a single manner only, especially if they’re mounted on walls or hung from ceilings. That’s why it’s interesting to come across lamp designs that offer a bit more flexibility, even if it’s just in the way they’re made to hang from ceilings. This concept, for example, tries to add a bit of whimsical fun to a room’s atmosphere by calling to mind the ethereal beauty and joy that floating bubbles bring to the air.

Designer: Begüm Kılınç

There are lamps that try to literally imitate the appearance of bubbles, and while they might be things of beauty, these chandeliers aren’t always the most practical lighting solutions. Just as bubbles convey characteristics of fragility, this kind of lamp is, more often than not, used for more delicate and posh settings. They are beautiful, yes, but they also don’t bring the kind of flexibility and fun that this lamp concept proposes.

The Bubbles pendant lamp design looks more like a toy than a luxurious crystal-clear chandelier. Bubbles, after all, tend to bring out the inner child of anyone who sees or plays around with them. The pastel colors represent some of the hues reflected off the surfaces of bubbles, though toned down a bit to be a bit more discreet with some interior designs. The cylindrical body and rounded ends are akin to bubbles that, despite normally spherical, would sometimes join with other bubbles to form a longer mass.

And just like how bubbles can float vertically or horizontally depending on how the wind blows, these lamps can hang either way as well. When it is held up by two cords, it can hang horizontally as you would expect from such a long lamp. However, it can also hang from a single cord to hang vertically, giving it a more striking presence, especially if the lamp is now at eye level. Interestingly, the clear ends of the lamp have spherical “stoppers” that let you adjust how those cords behave.

Such a simple difference can have a profound effect on the ambiance of a room. Imagine multiple Bubble lamps hanging vertically, creating an almost magical atmosphere with their collective lighting. It’s definitely not a ground-breaking feature, and there might be practical and safety issues with such a design. It’s still an interesting experiment that tries to take inspiration from the ordinary things in life that bring us joy and translate that into a product design that does the same.