The Dune Lighting Fixture Adds A Desert-Inspired Luminaire To Your Home

Lighting designs are no longer boring and typically designed objects that simply add illumination to a living space. Today designers are creating unique, functional, and powerful pieces that not only light up a living space but also add an extra oomph factor! These lighting designs not only help you see in the dark, but they also function as an attractive and visually appealing piece. And, a lighting design that would be a wonderful and useful addition to your home is the Dune Light by Moss.

Designer: Moss

Inspired by the rolling sand formations, the Dune Light is a creation by German brand Moss. It consists of a stunning sculptural arrangement of aluminum shades that truly make the piece stand out. The various lights and shadows that are cast by the desert sand dunes were designer Daniel Becker’s inspiration for the beautiful Dune luminaire. Curved aluminum elements make up the body of the lighting fixture, and they both shield and reflect the light at different angles. They add an interesting design and visual element, adding layers and depth to the lighting fixture.

“Lined up next to each other, their dynamic curves and soft surfaces create an exciting landscape in any space,” said Moss. The Dune lighting design has an interesting modular form and is held together by thin metal connectors that organize the shades into the shape that is desired. Several shades can be connected, and they can be organized vertically, horizontally, or in different clusters.

Dune is designed to be packaged extremely compactly to reduce carbon emissions from transport. According to the brand, a three-metre-long fixture comes in a box smaller than standard hand luggage. The various shades can be crafted from high-quality aluminum which is satin-finished, and then anodized or polished. If you’re looking to add an expressive and symbolic lighting design that leaves a mark, and could be a great conversation starter, then the Dune luminaire is the one for you.