A Light with Heavy Responsibilities


“Filo is not just a light bulb, it’s a platform.” What Filo does is allow you to integrate various modular elements into the light bulb socket, giving you something that is capable of much more than illuminating. A variety of inserts allow Filo to be not just a light, but also your AI assistant, your Fire Alarm, or even your Baby Monitor, just to name a few. These modules fit directly into the lightbulb (which stays screwed in the socket). Just plug a module in and you’re set!

While this truly is quite a nifty idea, it isn’t particularly new. However, it’s still innovative. Let me explain. Think of the Filo bulb as our modern day USB. The USB port as we know today can do amazing things apart from data transfer. One USB port can charge your phone, power a keyboard, harness Wi-Fi, connect and power audio equipment, and even do crazy things like run this USB fridge. One port powering gadgets of multiple natures is the old idea. However the innovative bit with the Filo is that it uses this to solve a problem with today’s tech. Planned Obsolescence. While good lights usually last 10000 to 12000 hours, our gadgets aren’t programmed to. They break, or get updated very rapidly, resulting in us throwing the entire product away just to buy the ‘new version’. Filo doesn’t change that practice because tech will always upgrade. It however does the deed of reducing the footprint. Which means when your fire-alarm module goes bust, you just switch the module, you don’t throw the entire electronic/IoT hub.

The Filo comes with many such modules that allow an innocuous looking bulb and electric socket to absolutely transform your house into a smart home. Plus, aside from being so multi-talented, it does so with a green, eco-friendly soul. Much love!

Designer: TEAGUE