This modular multiverse controller is well-equipped for gaming, drone flying and industrial applications

In a world where gadgets are ruling the roost, a unified approach to control them is prime. Carrying around different controllers for your drone, portable gaming consoles and Metaverse applications seems like backtracking to the last century. The dynamic aspects of life and users’ desire to have the least possible things to carry in their backpacks with the maximum scope of utility are important in current times. That’s the reason multiple utility gadgets are in hot demand.

This Multiverse controller wants to address this market space with its ability to address multiple use-case scenarios. With 3D printing in its structural design, the controller has modular capabilities to adapt to the needs of users and gamers who love the freedom of customization.

Designer: Diego Perez Rogé

Strangely named the Lifil Murtiverse controller, this gadget will primarily be an open-source product in terms of hardware and software. This keeps the options open for industrial applications, along with the casual applications for individual users. All the buttons, triggers and joysticks are completely modular, allowing the users to program the controller for different game-playing needs, customize for drone flying, controlling industrial equipment, or even employed in tech-savvy educational applications in schools or institutions. The ergonomics have been kept close to what’s identified as a winning formula as it closely resembles an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

The positioning of buttons can be adjusted by a 30-degree adjustment angle to have maximum control over the transversal axis. On the inside, the components are ARDUINO actuated to make possible the assembly of the controller from scratch for potential configuration with newer Bluetooth or WiFi modules. According to the designer, the controller can be reconfigured at the internal hardware level to ensure it never gets obsolete with technological advancements.