These Colorful Acrylic Furniture Pieces Are Like If Willy Wonka Met IKEA

Furniture so yummy-looking you’d want to lick them…

Meet Flare, a collection of furniture by Draga & Aurel designed to explore the theme of refraction. The furniture’s relatively blockish shape comes from the fact that it’s manufactured out of multicolored blocks of lucite (a patented version of acrylic resin known for its sheer glass-like transparency) that look practically like pieces of candy fused together to form functional decor pieces. The collection includes tables and decorative totem pieces, all of which are painstakingly crafted by hand, and are completely unique in their pattern and color composition. Much like wooden furniture are distinctly unique because of their woodgrain, Flare’s tables and totems have their distinct color-grains that make each unit individualistic. Unlike wood, however, these pieces have a kind of funky pop-futurism to them that’ll grab your attention and probably even cause you to salivate. I’d probably recommend against licking them.

Designer: Draga & Aurel

Draga & Autel’s collection boasts a range of coffee tables and a unique totem-style sculpture. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from sheets of Lucite in various colors, shapes, and thicknesses. These sheets are layered and glued together to create the furniture’s bold, geometric forms, for instance, the use of bold geometric shapes creates a sense of dynamism and stability. The chunky shapes and vibrant hues reference minimalism, space-age design, and the captivating patterns of optical art.

A defining characteristic of the Flare collection is its exploration of light refraction. The layered acrylic creates a kaleidoscope effect, with the colors shifting and transforming depending on the viewer’s position. This dynamic interplay of light adds a captivating element of intrigue to any space.

The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in each piece of the Flare collection. Lucite sheets are hand-selected and cut to precise specifications before being carefully layered and glued together. This attention to detail ensures that each piece is not only beautiful but also built to last.

The Flare collection is a perfect example of how design can bridge the gap between art and function. The pieces are not only conversation starters but also provide practical surfaces for everyday use. Their only tragedy is the fact that they probably won’t go with most conventionally decorated homes. The Flare fits well in more quirky, minimalist houses dominated by pops of color and whimsy.