Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition drops straight out of “Dune Part: Two” fantasy onto your wrist

Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming movie Dune: Part Two is creating quite a buzz before its March 1 release in the US. Hamilton Watch with its stint of creating watches for more than 500 movies since 1930, wasn’t going to let this opportunity go. The result is a collaboration with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros to create a duo of exclusive Ventura timepieces inspired by the epic space opera movie’s prop watch. One of them is the Desert Watch carrying a minimalist charm while the Edge Dune Edition has a sci-fi character to it.

We found a fancy for the latter, so we’ll be talking about this sci-fi timepiece here. However, some things are common to both these watches including the commemorative ellipsoid packaging that represents the psychedelic drug in Melange and the water depicted by the blue section. On special request of Denis to create the timepiece in close association with the film’s prop master, Doug Harlocker, the watch turned out to be as unique as it gets. It defies the traditional watch norms resulting in a hardwearing wrist gadget well-suited for the Fremen.

Designer: Hamilton Watch

The Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition has a case made out of black PVD coating and measures 51mm x 47.2mm. The 100-meter water-resistant watch mimics the 3D relief elements present in the original timepiece depicted in the movie. I particularly like the intricate circuit board effect and the amazing texture complementing it.  On the face, it displays the time in cool blue digits and gets the quartz movement on the inside.

The time reading is done in a vertical formation, looking like a faint blue text that lights up at the push of a button. Also, the blue ring on the watch illuminates to complete the look. When the lights go out they go out with a slight brightness peak and fade into the dark, just like the original prop timepiece. The Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune watch will be limited to just 2,000 units and comes at a price tag of $2,500.