A NYC studio reinterprets the perception of global time zones with a wristwatch that has its own travel-carry

Not all watches are meant to have intriguing complications. A minimalistic watch with a black and white interface, accompanied by a briefcase is proving that right. Designed to let you navigate the world with time to your advantage, The Time Traveler Watch in discussion is created by Nik Bentel, a design-forward studio in New York City.

Nik Bentel Studio is a goal-oriented team of designers that thrives on releasing limited-edition performative objects, often through collaborative efforts. The Time Traveler is a watch that journeys from the wrist to a briefcase, as you travel between countries, has been created in close collaboration with Trio of Time (TTT) Watches by Anicorn.

Designer: Nik Bentel Studio and TTT Watches

Time zone wall clocks found a pace after the global trade kicked off post-World War II. These clocks with a simple typeface, clean white aesthetics, and a straightforward design became a staple with travelers who trotted between time zones. The Time Traveler Watch revives this timeless design with a combination bag, creating a no-nonsense time-telling narrative for modern globe trotters.

Rethinking how modern-day watches perceive global time; the Time Traveler, as previously iterated, is a two-part time teller. One part is a 39mm diameter wristwatch paired with a removable leather strap. The design language is black, white, and straightforward. The second part is the briefcase that is wearable without the watch. Its true potential is however realized when the wristwatch is defragmented (the strap removed from the dial) and it is placed inside the designated section on the bag.

The bag with crossbody woven strap has interchangeable city plates – for London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong – made of chromed silver right below the watch slot. You can interchange the plates (that hold up to the bag using a magnet) to match the time zone your watch is following at a given point in time.

For the inquisitive, the Time Traveler has a stainless steel casing and a Japanese Miyota 2035 Quartz movement powers it. The straightforward dial is protected under mineral glass, and the watch itself is 50 meters water resistant. Aiming to simplify time telling in global locations, The Time Traveler intends to reinterpret the perception of global time zones, and I think it has pulled that off well. The watch is available for $349 right away!