D-LINK AQUILA PRO AI is a beautiful Wi-Fi 6 router that looks like an art object

Our Internet needs are becoming more complicated even at home. Multiple devices ranging from smartphones to smart appliances compete for bandwidth, while different services like gaming and streaming demand more data than, say, a smart thermostat. The simplistic routers of yesteryears are no longer sufficient to face the challenges of modern lifestyles, but as these boxes become more sophisticated, their presence also becomes more obnoxious as well. The latest and greatest routers seem to want to be seen as powerful monstrosities rather than helpful tools that make our lives easier. Completely bucking the trend, D-LINK launched its AQUILA PRO AI smart mesh routers that finally look more at home in your home, masquerading as a piece of sculptural art that hides the powerful technology inside its graceful curves.

Designer: D-LINK

Granted, those antennas on your router aren’t just for show, but that doesn’t always mean they need to be visible, especially with today’s technologies. It might simply be a matter of pride that some of these literally black boxes show off the number of spikes they have as if those indicate how much power they actually possess. The result is a design that isn’t just space-inefficient but also unaesthetic to most people.

In contrast, you won’t find sharp points or even sharp edges on the D-LINK AQUILA PRO AI (models M30 and M60). What you will find instead is an elegant object that belies its superior technology, looking more like a piece of decoration rather than a router. Its name and unique shape, whose ends curl up and inward, are inspired by the Aquila constellation and the eagle, a majestic bird that exudes both power and grace. That association goes even beyond the general shape of the device, with feather-like patterns on the router’s ventilation.

The D-LINK AQUILA PRO AI isn’t just all looks, of course, as it also boasts the latest connectivity technologies, especially Wi-Fi 6. And since it’s a mesh router, you can combine multiple units and spread them around your house to get rid of dead zones and ensure fast, stable, and uninterrupted connections. It also comes with the latest privacy and security protections, plus conveniences offered by smart home platforms and mobile app control.

The D-LINK AQUILA PRO AI’s ground-breaking design doesn’t stop there either. It also tries to give back to the planet we live in by making use of PCRs or Post-Consumer Recycled materials for its housing, reducing its negative impact on the environment. This smart mesh router is stunning and beautiful proof that power doesn’t have to look harsh and cold. After all, there is both power and elegance in the form of an eagle taking flight.