The Last iPad Case You’ll Ever Need

Now here’s a design that makes you say “duh!” Anyone with an iPad knows the frustration of trying to prop it up to watch videos. You know you’ve piled up the pillows to try and keep it upright, but the moment you shift in bed it falls on its face. It’s a delicate balance! Until now… the Flux+Flap case not only protects your iPrecious, but makes it possible to get the perfect angle each time thanks to an internal system of magnets. Check out the vid to see it in action!

Designer: Kenny Trythall + newFlux


  • Mark says:

    Great idea but is it for sale? If so how much? How and where to buy? Importantly, how much does it weigh?

  • yan says:

    this is a really great idea! i’m just wondering, won’t the magnet affect the hardware or something? >XD

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