Cute, Compact, Consumer Electronics


When a product becomes small/portable by virtue of technological innovation, aesthetically it can go in one of two directions. It can either embrace a powerful aesthetic, saying that even for its smaller size, it is just as powerful and capable. This would be characterized by metallic finishes, sharp lines, edgy details. Or it could embrace the friendly aesthetic, implying that it’s small and filled with wonder and amazement, but at the end of the day, it’s a fun product for a fun person. This direction is characterized by softer, rounded forms and pastel or vibrant hues.

The Hemera projector takes the latter direction. Shrinking the projector down to a pocketable size, the Hemera tries not to be intimidating. Instead, it aims at being delightful and user-friendly. A flip-top reveals the projector lens, a detail borrowed from vintage cars that had concealed headlamps that would open upwards (much like an eye blinking). It’s also completely devoid of controls, relying solely on a mobile input (wonder how focusing/zooming would work). Pretty simple, don’t you think?

Designer: Veblen Keung