Gothic Wooden Box Lamp adds a mystical touch to your desk or shelf

Not all lamps are made to shine brightly and quite a number are designed to be more decorative than utilitarian, enhancing a space’s aesthetic while giving a bit of illumination. Some emit a gentle glow that tries to set a certain mood, while others paint a kaleidoscopic display that liven up a room. Some might be luxurious and elegant, while others are fun and whimsical. This DIY project somewhat straddles those two worlds, bringing an unconventional box lamp with gothic-inspired patterns on every face. The end result is a stunning yet subtle light display that seems to bridge the worlds of the magical and the technological right on your very desk.

Designer: Kostiantyn Andriiuk

Programmable RGB lights are quite common these days and they come in different forms, ranging from finished lamps to LED strips you can add to any project. Of course, simply displaying lights is hardly exciting and fails to take advantage of the flexibility that these lights can offer. So why not put these seemingly magical colored lights inside a design that’s exactly meant to convey a sense of mysticism and awe?

This Gothic-inspired lamp does exactly that, not just through the lights alone but from every inch and face of the box. The walnut veneer material, polished with flaxseed oil, gives it a vintage aesthetic as if the lamp was hidden from mortal eyes for decades or even centuries. All but the bottom faces have intricate cutout patterns that not only let the light shine through from the inside but also give it an otherworldly character.

The illusion of the mystical, however, comes from mundane technology. RGB light strips line the insides of the box and can be controlled remotely through software, almost like magic. The box also has hidden touch sensors that allow you to simply tap on a surface to produce the same results, at least for the most basic controls like turning it on or off and adjusting the brightness. With light shining through the extremely thin cutouts of the gothic-inspired patterns, the Box Lamp emits an almost eerie glow that can be appreciated whether outdoors under the sun or, better yet, inside the darkness of your room.

The Gothic Wooden Desk Lamp is something you might be able to create on your own, provided you have the necessary tools available. The hardest part is actually cutting out those complex patterns, which requires a decent laser engraver that can work with thin wooden boards. Fortunately, all that information, as well as the process, is available for free so anyone can design their own magical light box and fancy themselves as a master of the mystical arts.