From steelmaking to 3D printing, this magnetic modular lamp design can light up every corner


Lighting can easily be overlooked, especially in office settings since work is often prioritized before interior design. The relationship between lighting and quality of work is complementary in that they influence each other. In the morning, we might prefer bright, full sunlight, but come evening time, we might like a dimmer, warmer light from a single lamp. Whatever the case might be, the designers behind Emett, a lighting system for collaborative workspaces, understand the importance of that relationship and took to the drawing boards.

With Emett, the core of the product can be understood through the design process. In order to provide optimal lighting for workspaces, the trio of creators found the design’s anchor in constructing the system around a typical office space. Emett’s adaptability when positioned in different workplaces is thanks to its simplicity. The aluminum base and head of the lamp are constructed using a 3D-printer and the main steel rod, or body, of the lamp structure is closely smelted in order to connect multiple heads and encase the wiring for operation. In order to give workers comfortable and effective lighting, Emett offers refreshing modularity with changeable parts and multi-functioning lamp systems. Each variation of the lamp’s structure allows for users to attach one or multiple lamp heads to the body. Being that this is a system of lamps, a main external driver can be connected to the office space’s electrical room where lighting maintenance for buildings generally takes place.

Additionally, incorporated into each lamp head is a dimming feature that adjusts a light’s intensity for changeable ambiance depending on what sort of work needs to get done. The pendant lamp hangs overhead work desks and group meetings to provide ample, warm lighting, nurturing bursts of creativity while supplying an air of coziness. Meanwhile, the desk and floor lighting fixtures dress up office spaces for general comfort and familiarity. Conveniently, each lamp head can turn 360 degrees to provide the perfect lighting mood to match your energy. Through steady solution-based creativity and clever regards to simplicity, Emett reimagines old and fussy office lamp systems under an everchanging, new light.

Designers: Antoine Gauthier, Maxime Bourgault, and Timothé Duchastel-Paré

Only a magnetic head and support rod make up the elemental concept of the lamp.

The lamp’s head is removable and can singularly attach itself to integrated circuits that protrude from the steel cylinder.

Three different sorts of lamp structures comprise the Emett lighting system: the desk lamp, floor lamp, and a pendant lamp.