In the Mood for Neon

Adding a third dimension to bendable neon tubes can have spectacular results. I’m talking about the Neon Tetra, a mood lamp that breaks the 100 year old tradition of glass tube bending only in 2 D. Vibrant and soulfully geometric, the lamp looks Über cool in pink, blue, red, green and yellow hues. As the designers point out, “looks high tech, cold to touch & consumes lesser power compared to light bulbs.” Me wants!

Designers: Paul Sandip and Suhasini Paul


  • shiverbrains says:

    Using neon in 3D is as old as neon tubing itself, entire buildings used to be outfitted in neon. I’m looking at a (3D) neon hamburger sculpture, which is nearly 30 years old, outside my window right now. The early 2000’s also saw a wave of artists working entirely in 3D neon tubes, some work nearly identical to this.

    It’s pretty off-putting to begin your pitch with something so overwhelmingly not true. Why bother?

  • Rawwhale says:

    This has all the ambience of a McDonalds parking lot.

    Just look the pictures, neon casts almost no light but is brutally harsh on the viewer. The model is even wearing sunglasses in the pitch black! There is a very good reason most neon is stuck on the top of 50 foot poles.

    That said, looks tight and I love the craftsmanship of the glasswork.

  • aMoesLOLO says:

    Romantic mood light when you’re on a date, but if the lights off the light can be strong.

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