Nendo Designed The Perfect Obsessively Ergonomic Fork For Eating Cup Noodles

Cup noodles are a popular and quite common meal in Japan, although they are not limited to Japan anymore. They’ve become a quick and fun meal for people all over the world, and I’m no exception. I love a cup of hot and spicy noodles that are ready in a matter of five minutes – I mean how cool and convenient is that?! The right way to eat noodles from a cup is with the help of chopsticks and a spoon, that really is the best way to enjoy some noods! But of course, that is the tough way, and most people prefer forks. But, the typical fork that accompanies cup noodles is often un-ergonomic and really uncomfortable to eat with! The angle just doesn’t sit right, and it is difficult to scoop noodles and veggies with it. This is where Nissin teamed up with Nendo to create an obsessively ergonomic fork quite simply dubbed ‘The Fork’.

Designer: Nendo x Nissin

The Fork was designed after taking into consideration hours of user observation, to create a piece of cutlery that makes your noodle-eating experience smooth and hassle-free. The fork features a 128-degree arch at the neck which is perfect for scooping up noodles. The arch effectively limits the strain of lifting your elbow when scarfing down noodles. The left and right sections of the head have rounded edges, that perfectly fit against the walls of the cup, making it easier to lift up and consume the noodles.

The neck of the fork is marked with a shallow dip that is great for scooping up veggies and toppings, so you don’t miss out on them! There are little bumps between the various slots to ensure the noodles don’t slip off, while a small clip holds down the lid, as you wait for the hot water to prepare your instant noodles. What makes the Fork even more interesting and useful is that it comes in two variants – one for lefties, and one for righties! Nendo and Nissin really thought of everything. The left-hand version comes in a bold red color, while the right-hand version is available in white.