This compact off-road camper trailer expands to the size of a micro-cabin

Designed for urban landscape while exploring the countryside, the FlexCamp off-road camper trailer expands vertically and to its one side to increase the inside space by almost double. It’s essentially a very basic trailer or pickup-top box that morphs into a micro-cabin for four people!

If already campers and RVs weren’t popular, another cool dimension is making them an irresistible prospect. Yes, I’m talking about the ability to expand when parked, to increase the interior space. This clever feature keeps the RV small when on the road, and as soon as it is time to rest, it expands to make optimum use of the available space. Raptor XC teardrop camper by Hunter Nature impressed us with its expandable capability and now the FlexCamp compact camper by ICC Offroad has caught our eye.

Quite impressive I must say, considering the small footprint it has while being towed. Given the German company’s prowess in developing robust, all-weather campers in the past, the FlexCamp is another winning design in the making. Mind you, the boxy shape makes it perfect to mount on a pickup bed too. Once parked for camping, the 126 inches long camper trailer’s hydraulic system lifts the roof up and expands the sidewall. That turns the camper’s height from 79 inches to 120 inches, and the width from 80 inches to 131 inches.

This obviously bloats up the inside space as the 79×55 inches raised double bed expands out to one side, thereby, making up more floor space to access the kitchen area. The drawers and slide-out can be pulled out from the bed frame, making good use of available space. For dinner, the tabletop and benches pull out and retract, while for sleep, the cushioned platforms can be taken (measuring 79×47 inches) out to sleep two more people.

Adventure lovers who are keen foodies can use the kitchen either on the inside or removed and fixed to the FlexCamp’s outside for open-air cooking. For this purpose, the camper trailer has a burner gas stove, sink and a 50-L fridge. There’s a hot water shower facility thanks to the Truma Combi furnace or water heater. The pull-out dry toilet houses in the bed frame drawer stack which many might not fancy, but, it solves the purpose at the end of the day. For hand washing the only option is to use the kitchen sink. It’s worth noting that the drawers beneath the bed are accessible both from the outside and inside.

The camper’s double floor makes space for the plumbing and electrical equipment. Also, it can store 250 liters of storage space for other things. With the 75-L fresh and wastewater tanks, optional air conditioner, LED lighting on the interior and exterior, and a 160-Ah LiFePO4 battery, the FlexCamp is tailormade for wanderlust-struck individuals. There’s no word on the pricing for the off-road camper trailer that’s going to debut as the final production version in 2022.

Designer: ICC Offroad