Sustainable Living is the prerequisite of this home’s interior decoration

When you think eco-friendly, aesthetic is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Most of us will be stumped if we are asked to name three chic eco-friendly products to use daily, but Andrea Juhasz has created an entire interior space that is not only stylish but completely eco-friendly – above recycling and beyond sustainability. Let’s take a look at the details of what makes for a beautiful environment inside our home while protecting the one outside it.

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials were used in every aspect of the house – right from flooring with corkwood and bamboo to using jute and coconut fiber carpets without compromising on the visual design. These natural elements in your home can reduce pollution and they are also anti-allergic and antistatic.

Designers: Andrea Juhasz and Nora Anyos

While renewable energy systems are expensive, they are the right investment to make at this point for a safer future and cleaner use of energy resources. The market right now has a few heating and cooling pump options for both floors and ceilings. Look for kitchen appliances that have an energy-saving rating and water-saving faucets.

The furniture is chosen carefully like the Vitra side table and Lolipop lamp that are both made of corkwood – an eco-friendly, because when you harvest it, you don’t have to cut out and kill the tree, the crust can regenerate itself. Andi and Nora also plant trees after every project to give back to nature.

Bamboo is a versatile compostable material that can be used in anything from a lamp to a toothbrush! Chemical-free linens have been used in the house for curtains and bedspreads. Andrea Juhasz’s team has also found chemical-free and non-toxic paint options so you can choose colors outside the ecodesign palette.

For decor, one can make conscious choices with soy candles, plants and treasure that you’ll find at flea markets – small steps that reduce waste and positively impact the environment. You can also add a composting bin if you have a small garden and possibly even plant your own herbs!

So the question of whether a fully eco-friendly home can be elegant and stylish has been answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!” we hope. Andi and Nora have found sustainable alternatives for every single element that goes into actually making the house and then styling it to feel like home, showing the world that it is possible to build with form, function and long-lasting positive impact. After all, our space is sacred and we must protect it whether its inside four walls or outside them.