Smart device reminds you to take your meds when you have to

When I was diagnosed with a certain condition a couple of years ago, it also comes with the tedious (and expensive) “habit” of drinking all kinds of medication. While in my head I know I have to drink these meds at certain times of the day, there are still a lot of times that I actually forget. Sure, we can always add reminders on our phones but sometimes we just snooze those reminders. Or that may just be me. But in reality, people still need all kinds of reminders to take their meds.

Designer: Rume Studio

Ownum Pod is a concept for a device that may be the first one with a smart reminder for medication. This isn’t just an app that can give you notifications when it’s time to take your meds. It’s actually a smart device where you can put your medicine bottle in it and then configure the app to give you reminders when to take it. There is a precision scale inside the device so it knows whether or not you took the correct dosage of your pills or tablets.

The pod itself looks like a smartphone or device charger with a space in the middle to put the medicine bottle. It probably has a standard bottle where you can just store your respective medicine in. And if you’re like me that takes several different meds, you can interconnect multiple pods with just one power cable / charging connection. It has a rubber base and is also modular so you can place double or multiple pods together.

The UI and function seems pretty simple based on the product renders, although there wasn’t much explanation or visuals of the connected app. I don’t know if something like this can help discipline someone like me into taking their meds regularly. But having an option like this may be helpful.