Introducing An Acoustical Material That Can Be Used Even For Outdoor Events

In the dynamic world of sustainable design, Jonas Edvard stands out with his innovative approach to integrating organic materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing objects. His latest creation, the Myx Sail / Floor, unveiled at the Mindcraft Project 2023, is a sound-absorbing panel that showcases the remarkable properties of mushroom mycelium, hemp, and willow. This 1m x 1m panel not only exemplifies the structural possibilities of composite biomaterials but also represents Edvard’s commitment to responsible design practices.

Designer: Jonas Edvard

The Myx Sail / Floor project is a testament to Jonas Edvard’s dedication to exploring the symbiotic relationship between design choices and their impact on nature. Collaborating with a living material – mushroom mycelium – throughout the design and production process, Edvard creates a flexible room divider within a pre-designed mold. As the mycelium gradually grows and bonds with a plant fiber mixture, the panel takes shape, marrying flexibility with rigidity.

The designer draws inspiration from the natural role of mushrooms as recycling agents, breaking down plant matter into soil. His design philosophy revolves around a deep respect for nature, evident in his exploration of the intricate relationship between raw materials and human life. The Myx Sail / Floor prototype serves as a modular design that aims to emphasize how organic materials like mycelium can seamlessly integrate into our living and working spaces.

Jonas Edvard’s broader research study, conducted in collaboration with Arup Engineers in Germany, delves into the sound-absorbing qualities of mycelium. The panels are meticulously designed to absorb frequencies between 200 and 2500 Hz – the standard range of human conversation and interaction (same as glass wool). Edvard envisions the potential for natural, organic materials to become integral components of our buildings and interior architecture, contributing to a more sustainable life cycle.

The design philosophy revolves around responsible design choices and their impact on nature. His open-minded approach to design leads to experiments that yield new materials and objects from local or organic sources, often embracing a circular and sustainable ethos. In his testing phase, Edvard explores various material combinations to understand the design, appearance, and functionality of mycelium-based sound-absorbing material.

The Myx Sail / Floor sound-absorbing panel invites people to touch and feel the natural qualities of mushroom mycelium, hemp, and willow. Edvard aims to create an immersive experience, allowing individuals to sense the porous, lightweight, and stiff characteristics of the materials. By reshaping these materials into functional forms, he hopes to spark conversations about the value and aesthetics of natural origins, encouraging a new understanding of how these materials can be incorporated into our homes and living areas. Now the acoustic installation won’t just be on the walls and ceilings conventionally, but the floors too!

The Myx Sail / Floor is more than just a sound-absorbing panel – it is a tangible embodiment of sustainable design principles and a testament to the possibilities that arise when designers collaborate with nature. As Edvard continues to push the boundaries of material innovation, his work inspires the integration of organic, natural materials into our built environment, fostering a harmonious relationship between design and the natural world.