Perfect 3Way Beer Glass may be the perfect way to enjoy Sapporo’s Kuro Label

For casual or even regular beer drinkers, how or where you drink it is not that much of a priority. The important thing is to have a preferably ice cold glass or can and just drink it straight or casually while talking to friends or just relaxing at the end of the day. But for beer connoisseurs, there are a lot of factors that may go into their enjoyment of their drink of choice, particularly the glass that holds this amber liquid.

Designer: Nendo

For draft beer drinkers, the Kuro Label variant of Sapporo is a particular favorite. And Japanese design firm Nendo has come up with the perfect glass to savor and maximize the flavor and aroma of this variant and probably other draft beers that you will drink out of it. The Perfect 3Way Glass is an assymetrical creation that has three different mouthfeels that you can use and get three different experiences with the beer.

The front and back part of the glass is the “straight side” which is where you should drink the beer first. The beer should trickle down to the center of your tongue and straight to the back of your mouth, giving you the initial crisp finish of your drink. Then you can move over to the left side that has a curvaceous finish to fill your mouth with a “mellow, rich aroma and bouquet of liquid” since you’re drinking from a wider rim. Lastly, go over and drink from the bulbous shape on the right side which hits the middle of your tongue and control the flow of the beer.

If you’re like me, you probably will not remember to drink the beer in that order and will most likely just gulp it down any which way I want. But the asymmetrical design of the glass will definitely catch my interest even if I may not be able to distinguish the different flavors and aromas on each side, being the casual beer drinker that I am.