This non-slip smartphone case is the perfect package to Netflix and chill safely!

The wider our smartphones get, the riskier it becomes to take photos with one hand. If taking landscape photos from outside a window with one hand twenty-one flights above the ground floor below isn’t enough for your heart to sink to your feet, take the photo on a windy day and see how you feel. In collaboration with TORRAS, design studio inDare created a non-slip smartphone case that uses an ergonomic structure to ensure the smartphone is secure in your clutch.

The clever anatomy of smartphones primarily caters to their software, while the sleek build of most smartphones can easily slip from our grip. While the number of memes about phones falling on our faces as we endlessly scroll through tweets is enough to prove the smartphone’s slippery build, inDare went further to reveal their take on an ergonomic phone case to keep the screen in front of our faces instead of on top of them. The smartphone case tacks on a concave grip to its cover that transforms into a raised kickstand to scroll hands-free.

Built from military-grade, drop-resistant material, inDare’s smartphone case protects and tightly secures your phone in place even if, on the off-chance, it does fall from your hands. Located next to the case’s concave grip, an inconspicuous quick-release trigger ejects the case’s raised kickstand to be positioned for viewing your smartphone in either landscape or portrait mode. The tiered structure of inDare’s smartphone case allows users to still use the iPhone’s MagSafe Charger without interruption or having to remove the phone from its case.

Designer: inDare

The smartphone case’s quick-release kickstand allows users to view their screens in either portrait or landscape modes.

The ergonomic concave grip allows for secure handling when scrolling or taking photos.

Built with military-grade, drop-resistant material, the smartphone case protects your phone even if it doesn’t slip from your grip.

The smartphone case’s tiered structure allows users to use Apple’s MagSafe Charger without interruption.