Remote Computing Reimagined

Solo is portable projecting concept that offers the user access to remote desktop computing power and granting them greater freedom to work away from the office.  Utilising high resolution projection technology as well as touch-surface inputs, the concept reimagines remote working within a single device, perfect for presentations and client engagement.

Functioning as an access device, rather than the computing hardware, allows the user a means of accessing the necessary software and systems they would ordinarily have within a studio while they are away, enabling working from home or working on the fly.

In addition to the individual user benefits the product also features a gesture recognition sensor in the lower portion of the device, allowing 360 degree input recognition—meaning anybody sitting around the device can control what they are seeing.

Initially the user will be required to sync the device with any office hardware which they wish to be able to access remotely, through a software based system allowing login control as a safety precaution. Stored on a contact charging dock in the office, the user can easily grab the device on their way to meetings. On location, the user can set up a workspace, scalable to either individual or group use, and work as if their computer were in front of them. The compact nature of the device makes it preferable over laptop computing and the projection size gives visible advantages over tablet use.

Designer: Alexander Morrison