20 Indoor Water Features for Home Decor

Indoor water fountains and water features are becoming a popular design element within the indoors. The soothing sound of water brings an element of tranquility and serenity into the interiors. Some of the indoor design elements include water fountains, waterfalls, or a simple water feature. Note that fountains are decorative water features that use pumps to propel water into the air while waterfalls are man-made formations where water cascades over an edge into another body of water or the ground. Take a look at the different types of waterfalls that can be integrated into the décor of traditional and modern spaces.

1. Wall-Mounted Indoor Waterfall

Designer: WaterfallNow

A huge water fountain serves as the focal point in the atrium, creating a serene ambiance within the indoor space and forming a dominating visual feature in the indoors. The best part of this waterfall is that it can be viewed from various levels of the building, allowing people to enjoy it while ascending or descending the stairs.

2. A Tabletop Water Fountain

Designer: crapelles

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your water fountain! These fountains are best suited for compact homes and can be placed on the tabletop or on the console. Observe how the presence of live fish infuses vitality into the fountain, with water gently cascading from the leaves. The downward flow of water generates a calming and tranquil sound. This water fountain is not restricted to the living room, but can also be placed in the bedroom, entrance foyer, or home office.

3. Indoor Waterfall in Glass or Acrylic

Designer: Water Fountains Canada

Take a look at this waterfall, its transparent surface allows one to enjoy the view of the flowing water from either side of the waterfall. Another plus is that this waterfall acts as a visual divider that segregates the space into two sections and also allows light to filter through the transparent surface and it is best suited for the common areas of the home.

4. Indoor Koi Pond

The koi pond forms a visual delight as one climbs up and down the stairs. Additionally, koi fish are a popular symbol in feng shui and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity within the home.

5. Staircase with Fountain

Designer: Mascord Design Associates

This staircase integrates a water fountain with a water trough below the staircase. The stone wall cladding forms the perfect backdrop for the staircase as well as the water fountain and infuses a biophilic vibe within the interiors.

6. Zen Water Fountain

This zen water fountain comprises a stone bowl with pebbles and water falling from a bamboo spout via an interior pump that keeps the water flowing. This minimalist water fountain creates healing sounds and is ideal for relaxation and meditation.

7. Water Curtain

Designer: Safe-Rain

Nothing beats the beauty of water flowing continuously from floor to ceiling. Note that the water effect of droplets of water falling from different levels lowing droplets falling from different heights is achieved by mylar clear laces. Additionally, it allows partial visibility on both sides of the water fountain.

8. Gas Fire and Water Bowl

Designer: Woodland Direct

The water-filled fire pits are excellent for the balcony, courtyards or the indoor-outdoor areas of the home. These compact fire units combine the contrasting flames of fire with the calm sounds and visuals of water.

9. Rain Curtain

Designer: Midwest Tropical

Recreate the visual beauty and sound of rain with the rain curtain wall. It is a line of falling water that can be used within the atrium or a stairwell. Special effects can be created by using colored lights to shine on the water and highlight each droplet of water.

10. Miniature Water Garden

This miniature water garden comprises of small plants, a fountain, some nature-inspired aesthetics, and a tree to bring a forest vibe into the décor. The nature-inspired aesthetics transform this fountain into an art piece that adds a biophilic vibe to the decor.

11. Indoor Hot Tub

Designer: Russell Pools

Enjoy a spa like experience from the luxury of your home with an indoor tub integrated with a gas fire and water bowl. Surrounded by an abundance of plants and greenery, the space exudes a meditative ambiance with a soothing vibe. This takes your sensory experience to a whole new level.

12. Beautify with Floating Water Lilies

Designer: Ankit Bhargava

Add an elegant touch to the interiors with the presence of floating water lilies within a bowl as it is a great way of adding understated elegance to the interiors along with a tranquil vibe. The best part of this bowl is that floating flowers gently move in the water.

13. Create an Indoor Water Sculpture

Designer: BIM Arch Studio

Enhance the interior decor with a floor-to-ceiling water sculpture featuring an array of water spouts flowing one into the other, ultimately cascading onto the goddess in an Indian theme. Just see how a wall of spouts adds so much drama to this double-height space. The abundant use of wood combines with green plants to add warmth to the décor and enhance your sensory experience.

14. Bubble Water Walls

Bring in a playful movement of rising water bubbles within a transparent wall. A water bubble wall is a clear panel that display a beautiful water environment and it is made with acrylic and a LED lighted bubble water stream. This water fountain in hues of blue and pink can function as a transparent room divider.

15. Hydrophonic Aquarium

Designer: François Hurtaud

The Eva planter establishes a self-sustaining ecosystem, with fish and plants sharing a symbiotic relationship with each other. Fish produce ammonia, which, when broken down by plant roots, serves as nutrition for the fish. In addition, Eva includes light fixtures that simulate natural sunlight, making it ideal for indoor environments that may not be conducive to plant growth.

16. Aquarium and Terrarium

Designer: James Beardmore

Duo operates on an ingenious principle of symbiosis, wherein two organisms or species mutually support each other. It’s an aquarium cum planter that not only ensures the well-being of the fish but also utilizes the waste produced by the fish to nourish the plants. Subsequently, the oxygen released by the plants oxygenates the water in which the fish reside. This elegant cycle ensures the health of both the fish and the plants. It’s a truly remarkable design for a harmonious coexistence habitat within the home!

17. Multifunctional Water Sculpture

Designer: Midwest Tropical

Seeking inspiration from the grandfather’s clock, this tall and multifunctional water sculpture doubly functions as an aquarium as well as shows the time.

18. Aquatic Terrarium

Designer: Nature Design

How about beautifying the interiors with an aquatic terrarium? An aqua-terrarium, also known as a paludarium, is essentially a fusion of a rainforest terrarium and an aquarium. This terrarium combines with a vertical garden to form an interesting design feature within eh common areas of the home.

19. Water Feature Under Glass

Designer: Mirvac Group

Beneath the glass floor, there is a water feature with a glass panel above it, housing fish within. This arrangement forms a distinctive and innovative setup within this expansive space.

20. Wall Aquarium

The wall aquarium serves as both wall art and a captivating display that captures one’s attention as they ascend. It also helps in illuminating the staircase.