Aquarium or Terrarium?!


Duo works on a very nifty principle. Symbiosis. That’s when two organisms or types of organisms live off one other, supporting each other. The Duo is an aquarium/planter that keeps fish healthy, while also using the waste eliminated by the fish to feed the plants. The oxygen eliminated by the plant then goes on to oxygenate the water the fish lives in. This beautiful cycle keeps both fish and plant healthy. What a beautiful design for a co-existence habitat!

Designer: James Beardmore








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  • Hello,

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed the project and thank you for sharing it on here!

    This is partially ongoing, as it stands of the two prototypes shown on here, the one currently growing herbs and greens is half scale. The full sized tank prototype next to it is about to be set up with two Betta Fish and some microgreens!

    Thanks again,
    James Beardmore

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