BMW x TYDE reveals world’s largest foiling yacht to efficiently motorize the days above the waves

Foiling technology in yachts is not new, but it has really taken off above the waves in recent times, for its ability to add substantial efficiency and noise-free rides for the demanding, affluent patrons. Case in point, the first collaborative, “The ICON” by BMW and TYDE. Opening new frontiers, the carmaker and marine expert are back with “The OPEN,” the world’s largest foiling motor yacht with luxury unparalleled.

Some collaborations are meant to be, and that’s exactly where it is going with the two abovementioned industry leaders. It is their second partnership for The OPEN, which is meant to be a larger and refiner electric foiling yacht designed for enjoyment above the waves.

Designers: BMW and TYDE

The OPEN is, as the design team puts it, a new “perspective on electrification, sustainability, and innovation.” The inventive electric vessel is designed to measure 49 feet long and about 15 feet in width. It will be powered by a zero-emissions drivetrain, borrowing the efficacy from The ICON. The battery onboard is a BMW i3 with 400kWh capacity and twin 100kW electric motors that provide The OPEN maximum speed of 30 knots.

An interesting aspect is the integrated hydrofoils that will allow the yacht to begin gliding above the water at around 18 knots with minimum drag and utmost silence. The propulsion system further helps reduce OPEN’s energy consumption by up to 80 percent, the designers note.

Capable of cruising over the waves at 25 knots on 50 nautical miles of range, the luxury yacht also adds to the green performance with solar panels embedded in the vessel’s hardtop. The yacht has a windshield wrapped around the seating area which offers a clear yet safe vantage point to check out the surrounding panorama. The life on the deck doubles up from being a solitary sun-basking regime to a dining area, and bathing platform, if you may.

For when the day is over and you need to hit the sack, onboard you have an accommodation for two. The cabin is luxury-packed with all the amenities including a bed, workstation, TV, and ensuite bathroom.  The OPEN electric foiling yacht is likely to begin shipping toward the end of 2024 with TYDE managing the production and marketing.