Hybrid yacht concept is a futuristic-looking water transport

One of my still unfulfilled dreams is to one day be able to view the seas from the deck of a luxurious yacht. I don’t have to actually own one but it would be nice to experience this if a rich friend or acquaintance would invite me to go on board and experience the “high seas”. It would also be a bonus if said yacht can actually let us sail at high speed if we want to. This concept for a hybrid yacht seems to be a good option for this dream.

Designer: Pierpaolo Lazzarini

The Palladio is a concept for a hybrid yacht that is ultra-light and can speed up to 55 knots maximum. It also looks like something out of a sci-fi movie set in water as it uses a futuristic, mouth-shaped, avant-garde design that makes it look like a pod cruising through the waters. It is made from carbon fiber and is propelled by twin Castoldi jets and driven by two FTP engines.

The 20-meter yacht is able to house 26 passengers, with 22 seated in the main cabin and four at the front section which includes the captain. The pod-looking vehicle can also have toilets or dinettes in the corners to make the passengers more comfortable. The back section can also accommodate some of the crew and also store the passengers’ luggage and belongings.

Even though the Palladio is mostly a closed vehicle, there are filtered air intakes on each side so that the passengers can still have a comfortable breathing space in this environment. I’ll definitely add this kind of hybrid yacht to my dream water transport, although this is still in the concept stage so we don’t know if it will eventually become a reality.