Etsy Announces ‘Berry’ As The 2024 Colour Of The Year Promoting A Romantic Shift From Pink To Maturity

In a deviation from the vibrant pinks that took center stage in 2023, Etsy, the online marketplace known for its unique and handcrafted items, has declared ‘Berry’ as its Color of the Year for 2024. Described as a color deeper than pink yet softer than red, Berry embodies a mature and romantic shade that resonates with the overarching theme of celebrating romance and a more sophisticated approach to life.

Designer: Etsy

The announcement of Berry as Etsy’s Color of the Year comes on the heels of the Barbie pink craze, since the release of the movie, that dominated 2023. While the bright and bold pink hues were widely embraced and loved, the shift towards Berry reflects changing consumer preferences. Etsy reports a 58% drop in searches for hot pink decor items, signaling a desire for a more nuanced and versatile color palette.

Berry’s appeal lies in its ability to offer a grown-up version of the popular pink trend. The color seamlessly blends rich reds and soothing blue tones, creating a deep yet soft hue that exudes elegance and romance. This sophisticated pop of color makes Berry a versatile choice, suitable for year-round use and integration into various aspects of life, including home decor and personal fashion.

Etsy anticipates that Berry will become a staple favorite, finding its way into a lot of handmade items showcased on the platform. From home decorations to fashion accessories, the color’s adaptability allows it to serve as the perfect backdrop for both subtle and statement pieces. This versatility ensures that Berry can effortlessly elevate any space or wardrobe with a touch of romance.

Etsy’s Color of the Year announcement aligns with a broader trend for 2024, celebrating the romanticization of life. The website encourages users to embrace this new romantic era by transforming their spaces into self-care sanctuaries or incorporating ballet-inspired flats and soft silky fabrics into their wardrobes. Berry becomes the symbol of this romantic shift, inviting individuals to infuse a sense of sophistication and depth into their lives.

As Etsy officially ushers in the romantic era of 2024 with the introduction of Berry as the Color of the Year, the marketplace’s global community of sellers and buyers is expected to embrace this charming hue. The transition from hot pink to Berry reflects evolving tastes and preferences, offering a fresh alternative that captures the essence of romance without compromising on maturity and versatility. Whether incorporated into home decor or personal fashion, Berry is set to leave its mark on the world of handmade and unique creations throughout the year.