A different kind of Home-Delivery!


The home isn’t a product as much as it’s a space. However, the Mobile Home is given a product style treatment. You don’t build the Mobile home. You buy it, and it ships to your location, assembled and ready to use! The Mobile House is therefore a product, rather than a space, meaning it isn’t technically real estate. It comes on a moving platform and can be shifted anywhere, be it urban/suburban areas, or even scenic spots like forests or pastures. With the Mobile Home, you don’t even have to wait for construction (or pay separately for it). The home comes literally ready to use, and all you have to do is populate it with furniture/decor of your choice.

Understandably, the Mobile Home is rather compact. Its aesthetics and size rival those of the MUJI minimal cabins that were launched slightly over a year back. The Mobile Home is wide enough to fit on a freight-liner truck, and comes with a mezzanine floor with a skylight right above your bed so you can fall asleep to the stars, and rise to the beams of the early morning sun. Just take my money, now will you!!

Designer: Ruzanna Andressa Oganesya