Shop For Timeless Christmas Essentials and Gifts In Red, White, And Green

Designer: IKEA

Traditionally, Christmas is characterized by the classic colors of red, white, and green, each carrying its own purpose and meaning. Many of these symbolic associations trace their origins to Europe and other Western regions and the significance of each color is as follows:


In Christian tradition, red signifies Jesus Christ’s blood shed on the cross for salvation. It also represents love, mirroring the warm feelings of the holiday season, as the most prevalent Christmas color, red features prominently in decorations, like holly berries.


Legend has it that evergreen branches like Mistletoes and Holly Leaves adorned buildings in cold, dark winters to remind people that winter is temporary, and brighter spring days will eventually come. Romans would exchange evergreen branches as a symbol of good luck and this color is found in Christmas decorations like the Tree, mistletoes, wreaths, etc.


In Western cultures, white represents purity and peace while in Christian traditions, it symbolizes the arrival of Christ’s light into the world, evident in decorations like snowflakes, Santa Claus’ uniform borders, and church altars.

Explore an exclusive selection of red, green, and white products for an engaging holiday season shopping experience.

1. Crockery

Embrace the festive spirit with the complete set of Christmas colors – red, white, and green. Crafted in partnership with Rachel Kozlowski and inspired by paintings of actual animals, these Dapper Animal Nutcracker Salad plates are adorned in seasonal attire perfect for the holidays.

2. Candle Stand

These captivating candlesticks, resembling branches, are crafted from plaster and meticulously hand-carved to mimic wood. Inspired by the Faux Bois tradition in Renaissance Chateaus’ gardens and mid-century sculptor Kenneth Armitage’s work, Tom Palmer’s Faux Bois candlesticks are cast in durable plaster. Each piece is adorned with a hand-carved texture, and a brass candle sleeve adds an elegant finishing touch to these artistic creations.

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3. Coffee Mugs

The brand’s latest Medusa Garland motif features a detailed fusion of intricate baroque plants, flowers, and Versace’s renowned Medusa head. This intricate design embellishes the surfaces of two porcelain mugs, with one cup displaying rich tones of red and gold, and the other showcasing green and gold that pays tribute to Versace’s most iconic emblem.

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4. CD Player Wall Art

Experience the delight of CD listening and admiring their cover art as this portable player not only allows you to effortlessly play a classic audio CD but also enables you to insert its jacket for an enhanced visual impact. Whether hanging on walls or on the go, relish physical CDs while elegantly showcasing their album art. It features a beautiful minimalist design with a built-in frame for jacket art, a built-in battery for portability, and Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connections with wireless speakers and earphones.

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5. Festive Cushions

Featuring the perfect combination of red, green, and white, this cushion is ideal for the festive season. Sarita Handa’s signature embroidered florals shine best in their decorative cushions as they beautifully showcase small bunches of nature, injecting life into any living space.

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6. Japanese Lantern Candle

Illuminate your space with a serene glow reminiscent of traditional Japanese lanterns. This modern twist on the iconic “chouchin” lantern design, inspired by those that illuminated festivals and bars, provides a tranquil light to help you unwind before bedtime. The minimalist design brings a touch of Japan to any interior, and the handmade candles from craftsmen in Kurashiki, Japan, feature patented technology to prevent outer wax melting, ensuring a mesmerizing dance of light through their unique undulating surface.

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7. Wool Rug

The green rug showcases square and rectangular patterns in blue, forming a minimalist composition. It also incorporates pairs of horizontal and vertical stripes of varying thickness. Sthir is a tribute to timeless craftsmanship and artistry, handwoven with the finest wool yarn into knots. It ensures to impart a tranquil essence and minimal charm to any adorned space.

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8. Jewel Vase Mirror Stand

Capture nature’s beauty and showcase your accessories with this distinctive mirror that also serves as an accessory stand or vase. Beyond its reflective function, the mirror enhances anything before it, transforming even a single flower into a captivating display. The simple yet elegant design elevates any desk, table, or shelf, and the bioplastic material, rich in rice husks, ensures both durability and eco-friendliness. Elevate your home’s aesthetics with this multifunctional mirror vase, doubling the beauty in your living space.

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9. Green Dining Chair

This chair employs an innovative 3D-printing technique and is characterized by its expressive wave-like form. Utilizing a single piece of PLA bioplastic, the chair is lightweight and decorative. Its curved seat is inspired by the roofs of Santorini, and the ridged surface symbolizes the meeting of land and sea. With vibrant Mediterranean colors, this chair suits both indoor and outdoor settings, showcasing functional and visually striking furniture through advanced digital manufacturing.

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10. Ceramic Lamp and Lights

Achieve the ideal Christmas aesthetic with this unique ceramic light with a distinctive spiky texture. The brass stem supports an oval lampshade crafted from wool and worsted nylon. Each light is one-of-a-kind, showcasing slight variations in the handmade ceramic base’s shapes and shades.

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11. Wine Glasses

Waterford’s Winter Wonders collection serves as a heartfelt ode to the festive season with this wine glass that is a celebration of all things merry and bright. Each meticulously handcrafted piece accentuates the natural features of a blooming rose, with finely cut grooves mirroring the unfolding petals with exquisite attention to detail.

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Visionary designer Vito Nesta blends history, memory, and emotion into his unique creations which have the potential to transport us to distant places from our homes. The Grand Tour collection’s distinctive pieces go beyond decoration, interpreting classical themes in a contemporary aesthetic, capturing distinct moments or emotions in time.

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12. Mixed Media Wall Art

The remarkable surrealist style of artist Chiara Sorgato seamlessly blends with her fascination for social and anthropological themes in a stunning painting that captures the challenging yet essential coexistence among diverse communities. Titled with the Italian words for “Him, Us, Them,” this masterpiece, was created using the oil painting technique.

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13. Velvet Photo Frames

Embracing a timeless romantic aesthetic, the Cinnabar Velvet Frame exudes elegance in a deep, love-red hue. This luxurious frame, suitable for showcasing your dearest memories, stands out in any home. Perfect for tabletop display, it adds a charming accent to both traditional and modern spaces. The gold trim enhances the deep red, providing an extra touch of sophistication, making it a delightful addition to desks or mantelpieces during the festive season.

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14. Festive Throws

Infuse a cozy holiday ambiance into any space with a festive pattern featuring gingerbread, snowmen, candy canes, and snowflakes. The soft and silky fleece fabric offers a lightweight feel, providing the perfect amount of warmth for a night in or a comfortable cuddle session on the sofa.

15. Holiday Decorations

The Royal Blue Spruce Christmas tree draws inspiration from the North American Picea Pungens, these festive classic replicates its namesake with dense foliage and needles. Adorned with 435 twinkling lights, it captures the spirit of the season.

Celebrate the season with a red Christmas wreath for your front door, crafted from needles, pine cones, berries, and pine for a festive decoration. When acquiring a holiday wreath, expect unique individuality, stylish design, and harmoniously combined colors.

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As charming as Dasher the reindeer, this LED Globe Nutcracker is elegantly attired and poised to spread festive joy in your home. Rooted in the German tradition, the nutcracker figurine symbolizes good luck, making it a delightful addition to bringing more positivity into your life.