The James Brand’s sharp Christmas tree ornament doubles as a tactical Ninja Star

There are Christmas ornaments and then there is The James Brand Throwflake. This ninja star (or Shuriken star to be precise) is designed to be ready this Christmas for Home Alone action in case those buggers slide down the chimney with bad intentions.

You are going to get a lot of questions asked about this one hanging from your tree though. That said, it’s always better to safe rather than sorry. Yes, you can use this collectible by TJB as your make-shift defense weapon to catch goons off guard. Don’t let your kids anywhere near this one and hang it up high on the Christmas tree, because you know, kids can be unpredictable!

Designer: The James Brand

The Oregon-based everyday tool maker wants to give modern explorers a reason to sit back for a while and enjoy the Holiday spirit with loved ones. They even give a warning for keen buyers not to use this as a weapon post the Christmas celebrations since it has “6 very sharp” points. That signals the ninja star could be as good as a knife, good enough to cut through objects like wood or even tin cans. This could also double as a defense tool out in the wild where anything handy in the pocket is critical.

The snowflake-shaped EDC cum ornament comes with a lanyard to hand onto the tree and it does impress with its sheen. Off the holiday tree and this becomes your secret weapon or tool in uncharted territory. For a price tag of $40, The Throwflake is hard to miss and TJB sure knows how to keep up with the holiday fun. So, are you going to get this one for your Christmas tree?