This 40-in-1 EDC multitool is the most versatile pocket toolkit you can own

Designed to house practically every standard tool conceivable, and plated with 18K gold, the ScrewDriverKing is literal jewelry for EDC collectors. It’s portable, pocket-friendly, and ridiculously efficient at letting you assemble, disassemble, repair, tear down, measure, and create.

The ScrewDriverKing™ comes on the back of the Distinct™ Ultra-Thin Multitool from the folks at Chiseled Design. With the Distinct, the makers ended up building not just a product, but a fan-base of enthusiasts who provided incredible amounts of positive feedback that pushed Chiseled Design to see how they could make their designs even better and more versatile. After years of research, drawing, reiterating, and even enduring the pandemic, the ScrewDriverKing was born. About the same size as a torch or flashlight, the ScrewDriverKing comes with as many as 27 screw bits docked into the channels of its all-metal design… along with a few other clever design details that let the ScrewDriverKing also function as a scale, a hex-wrench, sanding file, and even a bubble leveler.

Designer: Chiseled Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $199 ($110 off).

Envisioned for tinkerers, the ScrewDriverKing packs the ultimate punch in a small size. It measures a little over 3.5 inches in length and weighs just 10.4 ounces. The EDC sports an ergonomic grip that makes high-torque twisting easy, as well as prying and opening. Each ScrewDriverKing comes with a set of 27 screw bits that fit right into the grip’s hollow spaces, and snap onto the rare-earth magnetic dock on one end of the handle.

The channels that hold the screw bits even have metric and imperial rulers etched onto them, allowing the ScrewDriverKing to function as a scale for measuring screws and other tiny parts and components. Other rather nifty features include 9 spoke wrenches, a bubble leveler, a pry tool, and even a knurled grip that works as a rough circular file for scraping and sanding down sharp edges on your projects.

Your screw-bits don’t even have to rest on the ground. They’ll always be in their dedicated housing.

File Tool – Can be used to smooth sharp edges for those of us looking for perfection.

Screw Eye Hook Tool – Pain-free thumbs, we’ve all been there in pain when installing these eye hook screws.

Box Cutter – Capable of opening your packages.

Circular Bubble Level – This allows you to center the position of the screwdriver.

Rulers – Implemented two rulers in both inches and metric.

The ScrewDriverKing, unlike its sleek, slim predecessor, was designed to be incredibly versatile while still being portable. It’s small enough to slip right into pockets, backpacks, and even your average toolkit, but proves to be more than valuable when needed. You could use it to fix electronics, remove batteries, tinker with appliances, do DIY home improvements, open boxes, and even fix your bicycle/motorcycle/electric skateboard (especially handy if you’re stuck outdoors). In fact, it even has a DT Swiss (T20) wrench for using on Tricon wheels. The ScrewDriverKing comes made from high-durability 17-4 PH stainless steel, rated for all sorts of tough tasks, and even sports a real 18-carat gold plating to give your all-powerful EDC some pizzazz and glamor!

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $199 ($110 off).