Bubbles chandeliers create an atmosphere of playful wonder in any space

As kids, we would often find joy and fun in some of the simplest things. Bubbles, for example, would send children into a fit of giggles as they try to chase and maybe pop these ephemeral spheres. As such, bubbles and similar shapes have always been used to portray such a childlike sense of wonder and bliss, employed in media, art installations, and even interior designs. The gentle yet mesmerizing play of light on a bubble’s reflective surface, however, is a seemingly perfect metaphor for artistic lighting. And that is exactly what this collection of hanging lights tries to offer, bringing the innocence and beauty of childhood memories to elevate the mood in any room or space.

Designer: Brand van Egmond

It’s both a tragedy as well as a deep message that some of the most beautiful things in nature are short-lived, from rainbows to butterflies to bubbles. Whether occurring naturally or made through soapy machinations, bubbles have always delighted the eyes and hearts of all ages. Recreating those blissful feelings indoors has become the mission of many bubble-inspired designs that mostly hang from the ceiling. But if you’ll be dangling something from that height, why not turn it into a chandelier or pendant lamp as well?

That’s precisely what the Bubbles lighting collection brings to the table, or rather to your room. As if floating in the air, the chandeliers and hanging lamps attach orbs of varying sizes to a metal frame of twisting and bending rods that give the fixture a more natural form, almost like branches of a tree. Even with this design alone, the piece of structural art is already ornamental and eye-catching, adding accents that will undoubtedly be a conversation starter for your visitors.

Once the lights are turned on, however, the entire space transforms into an almost magical atmosphere. The lamps cast a warm glow on the area, and the lights bounce against each other, creating a symphony of reflections that truly mesmerize the eyes. Not all the spheres contain lighting elements, so there is a bit of variation and randomness in each group. After all, not all bubbles are created equal even in real life.

The Bubbles collection also comes in different forms, with Swirl offering a more compact arrangement that you can use in smaller spaces or as a group. Flow, as the name implies, takes a longer horizontal form, as if the bubbles were flowing across the air. Whether used in a living room, above a dining space, or as mood lighting for restaurants, these bubble-inspired hanging lights will make you daydream and long for those happy, innocent moments of childhood when every little thing inspired awe, wonder, and joy.