Brutalist-inspired stunning tabletop lamp is the perfect addition to your bedside table

I love a beautifully-designed lighting fixture because I truly believe a really great one has the ability to illuminate a space – both literally, and metaphorically. Besides the physical light that it quite obviously emits, a well-designed lighting fixture can add manifolds of personality and charisma to a room. They can function as sculptural pieces, that are an extension of your personal taste and preference, truly exhibiting the richness and niche-ness of your curation capabilities. And one such stunning lighting design I recently laid eyes upon is the Vestige Lamp.

Designer: Ross Gardam

Australian designer Ross Gardam drew heavy inspiration from Brutalist design and created the Vestige lamp. The eccentric yet stunning-looking lamp is composed of blocky geometric shapes that have been made from cast crystal glass. The lamp was created as the result of a collaboration between the brand Ross Gardam and artist Peter Kovacsy, whose sculptural work is inspired by the remote wilderness of Western Australia.

The Vestige lamp features a simple silhouette that has been created from an upright rectangular block that has been merged with a hemispherical shape, which brings to mind the image of Brutalist architecture. Bubbles in the glass provide a speckled texture when illuminated – this is an attempt to celebrate the lamp’s unique materiality.

“Intentionally ambiguous, the brutalist-inspired sculptural form reveals its archetype when illuminated,” said Ross Gardam. “Vestige celebrates the allure, texture, and volume of glass.” The Vestige lamp was designed for tabletop use, so it’d make a great addition to your workdesk or the side table next to your bed. The exquisite lamp comes in one translucent finish and is mounted onto a raw aluminum base that is accompanied by a cone-shaped dinner. Overall, the lamp has a rather geometrically intriguing form with a translucent and ethereal aesthetic that gives it that extra oomph factor. The Vestige lamp is probably one of the prettiest lamps I’ve seen in a while, and truly believe would make an excellent addition to anyone’s home. “The cast glass is maximized in scale and volume amplifying the radiance. This unique table lamp uses the delicacy of lit cast glass to not only astound but to create a small moment in time for wonder,” the studio concluded.