This lamp’s metal and wood body contrasts to give you perfect harmony

Nature meets design in French product designer Ferréol Babin’s Plateau Lamp. Designed for the interior design brand DANIEL, Plateau’s aesthetics were deeply inspired by mother nature. Resembling a button mushroom, the lamp features an asymmetrical board of solid wood ash, supported by a pillar-like base created from steel. The metal and wood contrast one another, while managing to meld together harmoniously, signifying the delicate relationship between all things natural and all things industrial.

The wooden board emits a soothing white light using LED technology. The LED lights illuminate whatever space they may be placed in, in a subtle and warm manner. The light that falls from the lamp creates a mysterious silhouette, giving a completely otherworldly sensation. Technology seems to fade away from the lighting product, and instead, it radiates a very organic and raw aura. Babin believes, “The use of the wood brings a soul—a real presence to the product. Finally, the fact that the light appears in a mysterious way adds to the lightness and poetry of the piece.” And truly Plateau is no ordinary table lamp, it’s an instance of poetry come to life through the medium of design.

In fact, the Plateau Table Lamp was such a fan favorite, that another wall-mounted version has been released as well. A perfect mix of contemporary and classic, the Plateau Lamp is a timeless piece that will light up any home space it is welcomed into.

Designer: Ferréol Babin for DANIEL

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