Meditation timer concept looks hi-tech and probably too distracting

Although there are definitely a number of naysayers, meditation practices have become quite popular these days in response to the deafening busyness of the world around us. There’s no shortage of services, strategies, and gizmos advertised to help get into that state of calm, but you don’t really need most of those just to meditate. At the very least, all you need is a timer which every smartphone today has. Unfortunately, those smartphones are just too tempting once you place them in your hand, and some opt to have a standalone timer instead. This gadget concept tries to offer such a simple functionality, though with some bells and whistles that, ironically, could prove to be a source of distraction themselves.

Designer: Liudmila Andreeva

Truth be told, some people do need some prompts or guidance to get into that meditative state, which is what guided meditation apps and services try to offer. But once they get used to the process, those aids just become distracting and defeat the purpose. By that stage, all you really need is something that will cue you when it’s time to start and when you need to end the meditation. While any old timer, digital or otherwise, will suffice, why not design something that really takes that utility to the next level?

That might be the impetus behind Decima, a timer designed specifically just for meditation. Like any timer, you get to set the duration of the time and the interval of the reminders. Unlike analog timers, however, you have the ability to set the bell tones, volume, and brightness of the display. And yes, it even has a guided mode if that’s how you like to do things.

The Decima Timer concept offers these functions through easy-to-use buttons on the sides and top of the device. An LCD display on the front shows the time as well as other useful information, like the current mode or setting you’re in. LED lighting shining through the front grille adds a nice accent that makes the device look visually interesting or even mesmerizing.

Of course, your smartphone has the same features, but having a dedicated timing device saves you from the tempting distractions of your phone’s screen. That said, Decima itself might prove to be a distraction because of the multitude of buttons and settings you can play around with. The appearance of the device, while quite attractive, can also cause your eyes and mind to wander away from your meditation, defeating the purpose of what the timer is meant to accomplish.