Minimalist Utility Knife with built-in Scale is every Stationery Lover’s Dream EDC

The Utility Knife gets major props for how simple and sophisticated it looks, but how it cleverly masks functional details into its minimalist design. Styled like your everyday paper cutter, the knife comes with a gorgeous all-metal body, coupled with a textured knob that lets you deploy and lock the blade. The metal handle is weighted and grippy enough for a comfortable, accident-free cutting experience, and also hides within it a slick metal scale that you can detach and use independently to either cut/draw straight lines or measure linear distances.

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OLFA Snap Knife – Using the wide blade from OLFA, it’s easier to perform the cutting, slicing and trimming with top safety and solid control.

The Utility Knife sports a CNC-machined metal body that’s 8mm thick, and long enough to hold your standard OLFA blade. The CNC-machined handle ensures a kind of perfection you wouldn’t get from most paper cutters made of plastic. The blade’s enclosure and opening are all machined to absolute perfection, allowing the blade to slide through with zero difficulty and be operated without any of that wobble you’d find in imperfectly manufactured plastic-handled cutters.

A metal slider knob controls the blade itself. Rotate the slider to tighten or loosen the blade, before sliding it in or out. The experience is satisfyingly smooth thanks to the metal-on-metal interaction, giving you a cutter that feels vastly more enjoyable to use than something you’d use in school as a kid.

The knife’s opening sports a 45° chamfered edge that allows the blade to safely exit through, making it visible so you don’t end up hurting yourself. The 45° slant also allows you to use the knife to open boxes easily while resting it on that surface, so you don’t risk cutting too deep into the box and damaging what’s inside.

However, the story doesn’t end there! The knife’s back surface is designed to be magnetic, making it easy to stick onto magnetic boards, fridges, and metal cupboards, but more notably, it’s the docking point for the Utility Knife’s companion – its metal scale. The scale snaps satisfyingly into place, docking onto the knife so it’s always conveniently within reach.

15° Curvature Ruler – Prevent your finger from being cut when cutting and you’ll be able to pick it up easily from any surface.

Blade Snapper – Snap off the blade with the special design in the tip of the ruler.

Its all-metal design means you can use it alongside the knife to cut straight lines (without worrying of damage as you would with a plastic or wooden scale). The scale comes with both imperial and metric measurements, and has a slightly tilted edge that makes it easy to grip and lift off flat surfaces. Finally, a slit in the top of the scale serves as a blade-breaker, allowing you to snap off blunt parts of the OLFA blade to reveal a fresh sharper edge.

Together, the knife and scale make a surprisingly handy combo. Although designed for stationery-adjacent use, the knife serves EDC-based roles rather well too, and the scale is perfect for tiny measurements on the fly. The fact that the Utility Knife uses OLFA blades means you’ve always got a sharp edge at hand, and you don’t need to worry about manually sharpening blades like you would with regular EDC. The only thing missing is a nice lanyard hole or a leather carrying strap, but hey, maybe I’m being pedantic…

Click Here to Buy Now: $67 $79 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Holiday Sale ends in 24 hours!