Turn your bathroom into a sustainable piece of art with 3D printed tiles

If you’re redesigning your bathroom but you’re bored with the regularly-designed tiles that you see in the market, this 3D printed tile design may be for you. That is, if you don’t mind having some organism looking creatures permanently displayed while you’re taking a bath. It is sustainable and biodegradable so that’s a major bonus if you’re concerned with things like that.

Designer: bioMATTERS

The MYCO-ALGA is an interior tiling system that is made from natural and organic waste that have been upcycled together with actual living organisms. There are different sustainable processes involved in coming up with this including designing them digitally, 3D printing, growing the organisms, enriching them with bio-pigments, fabrication, etc. It begins with the waste materials being ground into a paste-like substrate as a foundation.

Once it has been turned into paste, it is then 3D printed into customized shapes and for two weeks, they are placed and cultivated in a controlled environment so that the mycelium turns into the thing that binds the material together. They are then placed in convection ovens and as they “bake”, they turn into lightweight materials but at the same time, they become strong and rigid. The bio-pigments from the harvested algae which are now gel are then applied to the tiles.

The tiles are definitely unique looking and can be a conversation piece when you have people visit your bathroom. They were designed to specifically look like organisms are crawling all over your space. The mosaic-like design with the non-repeating patterns are visually striking and 100% sustainable.